3D Érzékelés és Mobilrobotika Kutatócsoport


Kutatócsoportunk elsődlegesen a virtuális valóság kérdésköréhez kapcsolódó kérdésekkel foglalkozik, amelynek fontos pontja a 3D látás, szenzorrendszerek és vizualizáció. A megfelelő platform a feladatok tesztelésére a mobilrobotika, amelynek vezérlésével, hajtásával stb. graduális képzésben résztvevő hallgatók foglalkoznak.

Computer Vision - Computer Vision is one of the primary research areas of the 3DMR lab. Due to the large increase of computing power over the last decades, Computer Vision methods have seen a huge boost to performance and efficiency. The applications of these methods seems endless, ranging from medical applications, to surveillance, virtual reality and robotics. Computer Vision is perhaps the most complex perception problem, thus it is a fundamental problem a artificial intelligence.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems - One of our principal research areas is the creation of Virtual and Augmented Reality systems (VR/AR). These systems offer completely new modes of man-machine interaction, allowing for the creation of a great variety of ergonomic interfaces. VR and AR systems employ results from a versatile set of research areas, including the research of input and display devices, sensor technologies and computer vision.

Mobile robotics - Mobile robotics has been a rapidly expanding area of research in the last two decades. With the recent developments of artificial intelligence the focus of research has shifted towards autonomous vehicles. With a vast area of applications ranging from cleaning robots, robots aiding the elderly of the disabled to driverless cars, this field of research is certain to shape the future of men and machines.